Frequently Asked Questions
What makes your products different from those that I see at the
home improvement stores?

Better quality materials first of all. The metal used is of higher quality
which is easy to compare by simply the weight of the shower doors.
Thicker glass with more options is used in our products. The mirrors
are also thicker and have a higher reflective quality. Most importantly
we install all of our products with no hidden fees and quick install

Why are your frame less shower doors called frame less when I see
metal used?

The term frame less means that there isn't any metal around the
glass itself. On sliding doors the only metal that is actually on the
glass itself are the rollers, pull, and towel bar. This gives the shower
door a more open, less bulky, look compared to the old style framed
doors. On hinge doors they are called semi-frame less because
there is metal used for the hinge rail and for the bottom drip rail.

What is the difference between standard and heavy glass doors?

Standard showers use either 3/16 or 1/4 inch thick glass. Some
glass choices are only available in one thickness or another. Heavy
glass uses 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick glass. The thickness of this glass
allows special hinges to be mounted directly to the glass doing away
with the need for hinge rails. This gives the shower door a more true
frame less look.

What do you recommend to clean my shower door with?

Regular glass cleaners work well. Do not use any abrasive cleaners
on the shower doors. The tried and true method of keeping showers
clean is the use of a good squeegee. Right before getting out of the  
shower using it on the glass will help keep the soap scum from
building up. A quick wipe with a rag while the metal is wet will help
keep its shine. This will all help in keeping your  shower door looking
new for years to come. Not to mention making your job easier when it
comes time for the dreaded full bathroom cleaning!

What kind of custom shower doors do you do?

Any kind imaginable. There is not any kind on shower opening that
we can not make a door for. From glass choices, to custom colors, to
the installation we can do it. All depends on what the customer wants
and of course budget!
What kind of glass work can you do?

Just about any kind of residential glass needed. We do not do
windshield repair or sell windows. We will replace broken or failed
glass in windows or doors.
Standard or Custom measuring, installations, and glass cutting is
our speciality.  
These are a few commonly asked questions and hopefully
will help answer some of your questions as well. Please don't
hesitate to call or
email  us if you have more questions.