Mirrors will always make any room look
larger. Standard size mirrors over a
vanity or a wall of mirrors for an
exercise room will add style and value
to any home.
We can install standard size mirrors, meaning the
mirrors are usually cut back a few inches in width
from vanity size. Or custom mirrors, meaning cut for
full width of vanity and going tight to the wall or walls.
Custom cut mirrors also can have holes drilled for
outlets and light fixtures. Outlets will get a mirrored
plate cover to replace the plastic cover.

Beveled mirrors usually have a 1" Bevel, depending
on the mirror size smaller beveling down to 1/2" is

Beveled overlays is also an option to give the mirror a
framed look. The overlays mount on the face of the
already installed mirror, and are usually 2" wide with
beveled edges.

For pedestal sinks we carry a frameless beveled oval
and octagon. These are 1/4" plate mirror with a
concealed hanger system. Due to the many styles of
framed mirrors on the market today we do not stock
framed mirrors. The order times for framed mirrors
seem too long and we will be happy to refer you to
companies that do stock them.
Beveled Mirror with Holes for outlets
Mirrored Plate Cover For GFI outlet
Beveled custom mirror
with cutouts for outlets
Close up of outlet cover plate
Mirror with 2" Beveled
strips overlaid.
Close up of overlaid mirror
with 2" squares on corners.
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